C self updating application

"e Updator is a system to add automatic version checking and updating to your applications.The system was mainly developed for client / server solutions, where e Updator provided an easy and secure way to be sure that all clients are running the latest version.Our Update From Web script solves this problem as it makes installing updates to portable applications, or any file available via the web for that matter, an automated process.The Update From Web script usage is pretty simple and we have provided several examples below.

The Imagine Español Windows app includes an auto update feature.

Once installed, the app will automatically update each time a new Imagine Español version is released, eliminating the need to install the app with each release.

If you don't want to use the auto update feature, it can be disabled.

The location in a program where a dynamic update occurs is referred to as an update point.

Existing DSU implementations vary widely in their treatment of update points.

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