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I went with my family to Israel for my little brothers Bar Mitzvah.

Earlier I had posted about Chanukah at the Kotel, and now it had actually happened.

The lineup includes “Children of Paradise” (1945, France), “La Strada” (1954, Italy), “Jules & Jim” (1962, France), “The Conformist” (1970, Italy, France and West Germany), “Fanny & Alexander” (1982, Sweden), “Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown” (1988, Spain) and “Y Tu Mama Tambien” (2001, Mexico). The second thing my parents did was be involved with our synagogue. I remember being on the bimah with the choir, making macaroni in the kitchen between tutoring the younger students and waiting for my own evening classes to begin, and even raking leaves at my rabbi’s house during our Kadima “Rent-A-Rake” fundraiser.

At other times, Uncle Saul took us to his office and even showed us where his robes hung and how he entered and exited the bimah.

Even though many black hats wind up at modern orthodox weddings due to the brainwashing tactics of Yeshivas in Israel, one can instantly tell they are at a modern orthodox event and here is why.

Differences between modern orthodox and frummy weddings: At Yeshivish weddings most of the young people are friends with their own sex, meaning it is quite rare for a yeshivish girl or guy to invite their friends or have friends of the opposite sex show up at the wedding its almost unheard of.

Robinson --- [born Emanuel Goldenberg; עמנואל גאָלדנבערג (Erev Rav - Cecile B. Leaders that lied to us, wreaked havoc on our value system, caused dissension among the desert nomads we once were, and guilty of every human weakness and acting out on that failing. We acted like sub-humans regardless of all the chesed that He bestowed upon us.

We were content initially, (before the Torah was forced on us), to worship false idols, many gods, Golden Cows, any cow, and Edward G.At modern weddings you will usually find more men on the Kallahs side chowing down then on the chossons side, while at yeshivish weddings its the opposite.At Yeshivish weddings they always have more food at the chossons tish than at modern weddings, the booze at yeshivish weddings is usually better because people usually bring their own because people are generally poorer. "And so, I expected her to say something like "well, I'll keep him in mind" but what I got was totally unexpected ..."Well, I would keep him in mind, but since he is not religious, then he is not?I need no introduction Chaim Dovid, but thank you anyway.

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