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Next month the Staying Put organisation, which assists female victims of domestic violence, is extending its services in the city to provide help for male survivors.Many of its female clients are also victims of sexual abuse and spokesman Yasmin Khan told the Telegraph & Argus she expected that to be repeated when men started to use the service more frequently.An agreement to pay rent for a property is between a tenant and landlord, it is the responsibility of a tenant to pay their rent.

We would need a letter from the landlord giving the agent authority to act on their behalf.

You should check the information very carefully before signing the entry.

A mistake can easily be put right before you sign, but after signing it will be much more difficult.

It’s probably worth mentioning, nobody is denying that men can and do suffer from traumatic domestic violence or some form of abuse at the hands of their partners.

One in five victims of domestic abuse is male according to Man Kind, which is something that should, obviously, also be addressed.

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    Most counsellors though would try to help the couple to see that a person is rarely made to do this.

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