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She has been robbed (totally, she left her flat open) & the kind person stole her tv & her phone, just to add to the distress.

Brixham Rotary have a shop not a million miles away, so I ask if they can help. I went to a place called Stapleford today and saw to my horror a box in the window of the Co-op for a local charity collecting food for people who cannot afford to buy it.

We hope that you will become in a way our ambassador, carrying to others in your business or profession the ideals and principles of service for which Rotary stands.Ulrich Zielinski, Refratechnik Cement Gmb H; Anett Fischer, ZKG; and Martin Bollongino, Schenk Process Gmb H (from left) The destination of ZKGs field trip early this summer was the Dyckerhoff cement plant Lengerich, one of the Buzzi Unicem Groups largest operations.Forty-five students and their mentors were happy to accept an invitation by ZKG International and several participating industrial partners to take this study tour to northwestern Germany on the 9 of June.7 Satisfied with the field trips resonance: Ute Bergenthal, Dyckerhoff Gmb H; Anne Passen, Aumund Frdertechnik Gmb H; Marc Doeffer, Kppern Gmb H & Co.KG; Dorothea Tacke, Refratechnik Cement Gmb H; Peter Norek, FLSPfister Gmb H; Dr.

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