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It is a country so extraordinarily rich in biodiversity that eco-tourism is naturally a large part of it’s economy.

The wonders of the natural world thrive here, giving tourists to this land the opportunity to connect with the best nature has to offer.

When people think of Costa Rica they picture its toucans, monkeys, volcanoes, and pristine beaches with amazing surfing locations up and down the coasts.

They see in their minds the flora, the fauna, ad infinitum.

But there is one option available to the tourist (and to locals alike) that you won’t see advertised in glossy brochures with the ubiquitous green frog stamped in the corner.

Don’t be alarmed; sexual tourism isn’t the seedy underbelly of Costa Rica. How big a part of the economy it is, it’s difficult to say.

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I've dug trenches with pickaxes and shovels, cleared brush with machetes, and built fences by chopping lumber and digging holes.

On the most recent trip back in August, I helped make floors for a new building at the orphanage with the sun beaming onto me and my body constantly wishing it had more water.

Marie touched my cheek with a soft warm palm and said.

-Khorosho, - s ulybkoy otvetila ya, - ya obeshchayu, chto chtoby ni sluchilos', ya ne stanu protivit'sya svoim zhelaniyam.

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