Most popular dating game shows

However, we’re excluding reality game shows like “Survivor” and “The Amazing Race,” because that’s a list for another day.Welcome to Watch, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 game shows of all time (redux).

The 40-year-old divorcee’s story is an example of the tensions between two divided generations.

Most television series are less an act of creating, but an act of mating. In its early years, “The Dating Game” was seen as dangerously unique, from the risqué questions written for the bachelorette to the curved walls decorated with day-glo flowers, to the whole concept of the show’s “prize” (to be tactfully referred to here as the datee) selecting her own winner from among the contestants (referred here as the daters).

Shows both good and bad have been born from the genetic mix of two or more- pre-existing shows — not being organic species, TV shows can have an unlimited number of parents. The Grandmother of Them All: The Dating Game Like the Genesis story of an ancient pagan religion, “The Dating Game” sprang fully grown from the head of Chuck Barris (as did “The Newlywed Game” and his so-called autobiography, although the format of “The Gong Show” was stolen from “The Original Amateur Hour” by way of an L. This is one of the few traits that has been handed down to nearly all of “The Dating Game’s” descendants.

Iconic hosts, memorable catchphrases and wacky antics are what make these shows popular.

For this list, we’ve chosen game shows based on a mix of their popularity, entertainment value and how iconic they’ve become in pop culture.

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