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You can stroll along the docks together while admiring the ocean view and even check out some of the unique little local boutiques while you’re there. Another great way to spend your romantic date in Santa Barbara is by going to the theater.If we had to choose, we recommend the Arlington Theatre.It is about a forty minute drive from IV/Downtown Santa Barbara but it is definitely worth the drive and the visit as the drive itself will give you the best view of the ocean and mountains as you go higher and higher up.As you reach Knapp's Castle, you can see ruins, more mountains, clouds, the sun, and just how beautiful our world is.It doesn't matter if you are single, in a relationship or just chilling for Valentine's Day, Santa Barbara has an array of activities you can take advantage of here for an unforgettable V-day.Santa Barbara is the perfect place for a date as there are hikes with spectactular views that overlook mountains, natural hot springs, butterfly park, downtown and of course fluffy sand beaches.So go to one of those at Townhouse in Venice, then do your own full-contact burlesque show when you get back to your room.

Santa Barbara is the perfect backdrop for a Valentine’s date with your significant other.

Bring a picnic blanket with you and some dank Chipotle and you can have the cutest picnic with your friends or boo. Goleta Monarch Butterfly Grove Goleta Monarch Butterfly Grove is open from November to time for you to go for Valentine's Day!

Stroll through the grove and dance with the butterflies under the sun with your girls or boy!

Assuming you're on the same "Just Sex" page (please God make sure you are before suggesting one of these), try one of these one-night-stand-eroos that lean hard on the whole fun-if-emotionless thing.

Sure, it’s just sex, but that doesn’t mean it has to be cheap: the Farmer’s Daughter Hotel's Knockin’ Boots package hooks you up with Champagne (to start) and lemonade (to drink after you finish), plus something to take home with you: panties with “Do it at the Daughter” painted across the butt. ) not to be turned on by a burlesque show, especially when it’s done in a secret downstairs room below a 100-year-old speakeasy that still has the nefarious vibe from the Prohibition days.

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