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I’m livin’ slow, Peter Pan style son You didn’t know I never grow up, my mind is set at six years old As far as I’m concerned this grown-up shit is for the birds So pass the skittles, Ju Ju Fruits, the Now N Laters, and Nerds I’m eatin’ sweets until my teeth fall out and I can’t see And I’m deaf in my left ear but my right can hear cause I’m livin’ happily So why you mad at me?

Cause your frustrations gave you grey hairs 99% of your life’s spent chasin’ American nightmares I’m crazy childish, just check the habits I play with my food, pick my nose, and eat it damn it Plus I pick my scabs, I be the first to pop a blister Cause I’m more immature than that cat from Sister-Sister If my parents tell me no I’m gonna do it anyway Experience will make more sense than anything that they could ever say [Verse 3] Forever playin’ video games until I’m sleepy Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, please, you’ll never beat me So basically you’re better off paying a bill or somethin’ Your mind is elderly, forty over the hill or somethin’ I’m young at heart, I’mma forever be a kid I’m on some Tom Hanks shit, you ever seen the movie Big?

The song was actually inspired by Matt's [Gym Class Heroes' drummer] relationship with his girlfriend and realizing why he is so zen on the road." OK, sure, maybe saying "Get your ass back home" isn't the way to beg your significant other to come back to you, but it's a blunt and direct approach that we completely appreciate.

Our suggestion is that you hop on a plane, Segway, golf cart or whatever the eff it takes to get yo' asses back home to your boyfriends and girlfriends.

[Verse 1] It seems like lately time be beatin’ my ass Every step is like a right hook From Iron Mike Tyson in his prime It’s like my mind is on a treadmill I’m sweatin’ bullets, I see the plug but I can’t pull it This belt just keeps bringin’ me back And every minute is like a tiger uppercut from Sagat I’m up against these ropes, and ain’t no tellin’ if I win or not These gloves are getting heavy It’s fight or flight you know how that goes Facin’ clocks is chasin’ got me dodgin’ obstacles And every hour is like a tightrope, I walk with greasy shoes Still yet I got my conscience tellin’ me that I can’t lose So every time I start slippin’ and ego’s start trippin I focus real hard and levitate just like I’m God And everything is lovely, I’m in the clouds no one above me With the gift to differentiate snakes from those that love me There’s a thin line between happiness and hopeless An even thinner line between on point and out of focus But Back to my story, about my fall from glory And how I levitate from the fate time put before me They say ‘Be patient’ But what the fuck is patience when my heart is racin’?

THE BEST SONG I HAVE EVER HEARD OHOHOOOH The Fighter Listen to this song if your life sucks.

It is the best song by Gym Class Heroes - studmaster47 Love, love, LOVE this song!

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