Dating theater people

Marcus and Iconis show you can have a happy ending, even with a messier beginning.

Lauren, I was just watching the video for your new song “(I Got) The One that Got Away (Back).” Does the song have anything to do with your relationship with Joe? I write more about my relationship with other things, like my relationship with the theatre, than my actual romantic relationship, but Joe is one of the biggest influences on me as a writer.

"Anything that can allow a sense of empathy to develop in people, young or old, is a good thing." The Doggy Dating event took shape from an assignment in College of Du Page Assistant Professor Sandy Fries' journalism and mass communications class.

NEW YORK CITY — "I'm so excited for me to meet Tom," said improviser Jenna Marucci, 27, her emphasis on "me" drawing a roaring laugh from the audience at the Players Theatre, where Marucci stands on stage. Marucci says she's "most comfortable on a stage, [and] least comfortable on a date."So she combined the two, bringing real dates to mingle with her during her show, "See Jenna Date."Meeting a potential romantic interest for the first time in front a dozens of spectators would unnerve almost anyone, but this improv show is helping Marucci deal with a fear of dating."I think it has helped me realize that with any sit-down on a date I should just play it like improv and just be honest and not nervous thinking about the next thing," said Marucci, who lives in Windsor Terrace."Those are great things to do when talking to someone, especially guys on a date."The guiding principles of improv can help people become better daters, according to dating coaches and students of that particular brand of comedy.

"We didn't bring just the most beautiful dogs in the world; we brought a cross-section of what rescue is," Persenaire said.But the traditional speed-dating format -- five minutes with one person (or pup), followed by five minutes with the next, and the next, and the next -- didn't really pan out."As much as you might try to schedule or plan an animal event, the animals set the tone," said Ann Persenaire, president of the Animal Rescue Foundation, which she runs out of her Wheaton home.The story line is what my friends and I can relate to in the dating world so this was a refreshingly funny and realistic perspective of dating.Luna, Rex and Agnes were ready Wednesday to put their best paw forward for their first time speed dating.

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